Wooden Swing Sets

Installed - Moved - Repaired - Since 2001 

All of MA, RI, CT, NH & ME  - Insured


You can use this form or contact me via....

email: evan@estreetassembly.com

Call or Text: 508-292-2643

I will reply to emails/calls within 24 hours. I normally reply late afternoon/evening after I have finished work for the day.




If you are inquiring about a set being relocated, you must email me a photo of the set. Please also note if the set will have to go through any narrow areas, gates, stairs etc. to get to where a full size pick up & trailer can park.

For repairs, please email a photo(s) showing the areas that need attention as well as one of the entire set. 

If for a Relocation or Repair,

please see  "--IMPORTANT--"

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