Wooden Swing Sets

Installed - Moved - Repaired - Since 2001 

All of MA, RI, CT, NH & ME  - Insured

What does "installation" include?

 Installation of a new set includes:

 1) Assembly per the manufacturers instructions,

2) Removal of ALL packaging/trash from the Swing Set, including cardboard boxes, bags, shrink wrap and any pallets left by the shipper. I will leave nothing in your yard except for a complete, safe Swing Set.

3) I will go over the owners manual with you and explain the weight limits for the set, recommended maintenance & how to register the set with the manufacturer for warranty coverage & safety recall notification, if there ever is one.

The price I quote includes:

1)Dis-assembly at the location the set is currently at.

2)Transportation of the Swing Set to the new address.

3)Re-assembly at the new address

--The only chance for any additional charge would be for:

1) Replacement of  any damaged/rotted wood, only if I need to purchase materials. I carry a small supply of common sized wood parts, if I have it & do not have to purchase it, no charge!

2) Replacement of any specialized hardware such as swing hangers, swings, rope ladders, hand grips, etc. I do always have a huge supply of extra screws, bolts, lag screws, washers, T-nuts, etc. with me, no charge for those items.

No, I do not. But, I will gladly offer my recommendations based on your budget & what features you are looking for. I do not work  for any manufacturer, I will be very honest on what I feel would be your best choice(s).

No deposit is required, payment is due when the set is complete. I accept cash, personal checks, Venmo, PayPal & all major credit/debit cards (MC, Visa, Discover & AMEX) on site.

90% are done in one day. A hand full of very large sets  are done over 1.5-2 days.

No. As long as an adult is home for 10-15 min when I first arrive to discuss how the set should be positioned in the yard I am fine. I will need access to a power outlet, either outside the home or through a window.

Yes. I carry $1,000,000 in Liability Insurance & can provide a certificate upon request.

What does moving a used Swing Set include ?

Do you sell the Swing Sets ?

Is a deposit required & what forms of payment do you accept?

How long does an installation take?

Does someone have to be home the entire time?

Are you insured?